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Affordable software for workers' compensation, property & casualty, and general liability claims administration

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Key Features

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Extensive configuration
  • Comprehensive security
  • Simple to install and easy to maintain
  • Powered by Microsoft SQL Server
  • Ability to create custom reports and queries
  • Continuous distribution of program updates
  • Integrated document imaging and storage
  • Custom programming and report development available

About Our Software

Open System Architecture

Risk Manager utilizes Microsoft SQL Server allowing the creation of custom views and queries for reporting purposes. ODBC compliant applications may also be utilized without dependency on ERIC Systems.

Updates and Enhancements

Risk Manager is under constant development and updates are regularly published. Our policy for providing updates is simple. We offer newer versions at no additional cost to the standard technical support agreement.

Financial Controls

Dollar limits for individual check and reserve transactions are assigned to user logins.  Not to exceed without acknowledgment controls are also provided for total paid to date and total incurred thresholds configured at the enterprise level. 

Custom Reports and Programming

Our policy for development of new program features and standard reports is based on client suggestions.  If a new or existing client requests a program enhancement and if, in our sole judgment, that enhancement would benefit a majority of our clients and/or add significantly to the marketability of Risk Manager, we will do the programming necessary to implement that suggestion at no cost

Importing Data

The over 4,000 unique data fields maintained in the Risk Manager database, together with our 30 years of  experience in difficult environments, means we can capture virtually every data item provided to us when importing historical claim information provided by a third-party using a different application.  Data conversions are billed separately because of the variability of effort required to complete this task.

Extensive Configuration

ERIC Systems recognizes that our clients have clients of their own, even if they're self-administered.  The design of Risk Manager includes a wide variety of options for configuring business rules, integrating custom reports, creating client-specific organizational structures, user defined data entry fields, and user-defined coding schemes to classify data for a wide diversity of needs.

Custom Reporting
Claim and Financial Dashboards.
Training and Class Management
Retrospective Rating File Imports
CMS Section 111
Check Printing

Custom Reporting

Create flexible designs using SAP Crystal Reports or use one of many provided report definitions.

Export reports directly to a storage device, printer, or email. Query one organization or all available data using a simple selection menu. Add additional report criteria easily as a standard feature of Risk Manager.

Multiple file formats supported for exporting reports. Including PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel, and more.

Claim and Financial Dashboards

Accessible as an included product of Risk Manager or standalone, the Dashboard provides the capabilities to create custom data visualization. Build, collect, and save related information in user defined scenarios.

Charts, graphs, and tables are always up-to-date for easy re-use of saved scenarios. View multiple charts side-by-side for easy claim summaries. Compare data by time period, accident, injury, or by one of the many per-defined coding schemes used by Risk Manager.

Use the Dashboard to present charts directly to an audience, export to image format, or export the data as a table.

Training and Class Management

Maintain employee training and education records. Print class schedule and certificates of completion.

Safety training being an important part of reducing injuries, capabilities provided by Risk Manager make staying current and accurate a simplified task. Suitable for small to large organizations, Risk Manager is capable of maintaining records for multiple insured clients simultaneously.

Retrospective Rating

For clients participating in retrospective rating programs, Risk Manager offers the ability to import data files provided from Government agencies. Included in this are claim data, loss information, and even premiums paid by group members.

Risk Manager includes a specialized claim form for Retrospective groups. Similar to the Workers Compensation form in function, this alternate version is tailored to meet more unique and specialized needs.


Risk Manager provides capabilities to generate the necessary EDI files for interacting with Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

Check Printing

As a standard function of Risk Manager, checks may be printed from transactions added to claims. Checks may be printed to claimants, vendors, or special checks. Included in this is the ability to process time loss payments, PPD awards, and create scheduled award payments. Easily customize check layouts for multiple bank accounts using Crystal Reports.

Risk Manager includes many more capabilities

  • Claim Administration
  • ACH Payments
  • Time and Expense Billing
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Report Export to E-mail
  • Integrated Word Processing
  • Time Loss Benefit
  • SIR Tracking
  • Property Loss/Damage (PLD)
  • Litigation Tracking
  • SIEDRS EDI Files
  • Occurence Management
  • Medical Fee Adjusting
  • CPT Code Lookup
  • Document Imaging
  • 1009-MISC Printing
  • Positive Pay
  • Mail Merge
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Data Extract
  • Backup Withholding Deductions
  • Medical Fee Schedule
  • Track Incidents
  • OSHA Compliance
  • Generate Explanation of Benefits
  • Remote Data Entry
  • IAIABC Release 1 and 3 EDI
  • Data Share and Viewer
  • Full Text Database Search
  • Excess Insurance Policies
  • First Report of Accident (FROI)
  • Scheduled Reports
  • OFAC Compliance

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